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You know -- the one where you find your soulmate, get married, have kids, the whole happily ever after ordeal.If you actually have lived your fairytale, then you think you your relationship is perfect in every aspect, and there can’t be anything else to improve on because you have it all.However, they struggled with the current during the punting task, dropping them to last and eliminating them in 10th Place.CBS dubbed Dennis Hour and Isabelle Du as #The Dating Couple on the 25th season of The Amazing Race.

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It all started with Isabelle wanting to update Dennis' wardrobe by purging his outdated items.However, this shouldn’t stop your boyfriend from learning how to become the righteous man God ordained him to be, nor does it stop your girlfriend from discovering how a righteous woman should carry herself.Nonetheless, in y’all's journey towards divine guidance, you will discover that not only is your love for God overflowing, but it’s pooling into the nest y’all are slowly yet surely building together.So #The Dating Couple Dennis Hour and Isabelle Du may have not won Amazing Race this 25th season, but they came out with a few more pages stamped in their passport, crazy memories and experiences of a lifetime and new friends that came along with all of the above.

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They're looking forward to the season 26 where all of the teams are dating couples, with half of them who have never met their teammates!

Rather, you want a natural yearn to seek more than just fleshly desires and emotional contentedness.